Updated 12-II-2022

Lampmaking Machinery

Presented here is a selection of brochures illustrating the type of machinery involved in lamp manufacture. By far the majority of the equipment involved in lampmaking was designed and built by the principal lighting companies themselves - this being essential in view of the fact that new lamp types often only became possible because of the parallel development of a new process requiring a type of machine that had never before existed. The principal lampmakers often sold basic variants of their machines to smaller companies that did not have such facilties, and there also existed a handful of companies specialised solely in the construction and sale of machines for producing the more standard lamp types and their components. Please click on the relevant image to download the document of interest. Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view all documents as PDF files.
Manufacturer's Literature
General Catalogue
199x - UK
General Catalogue
1986 - Germany
General Catalogue
1945 - USA
General Catalogue
1995 - Switzerland
HPS Equipment
1971 - UK
L.R.I. (Venture)
Metal Halide Equipment
199x - USA
Machine Factory 'M'
197x - Holland
Linear Indexing Chassis
1962 - USA
MSU Enfield Facilities
198x - UK
PCA & HPS Equipment
198x - UK

Technical Papers
Tungsten Lamp Manufacturing Processes used by the United Incandescent Lamp Co. Budapest, C.H.EISLER (Tungsram), 1916 December
Machines for Electric Lamp Manufacture, H.W.B.GARDINER, E.A.HEYWOOD, W.J.WORDSELL (Osram-GEC), Institute of Mechanical Engineers, 1962 December