Updated 13-VII-2011

Industrial Journals

This section comprises a selection of periodicals which until recently, used to be issued at frequent intervals by each of the main light source manufacturers to detail their latest developments, feature new installations and ultimately promote sales. Please click on the relevant link below to download the document of interest. Adobe Acrobat reader is required to view all documents as PDF files.
Thorn Lighting Journal, UK

From the late 1960s until the 1990s, Thorn published a popular journal featuring many of the company's new product developments as well as selected lighting installations, and technical papers contributed by its staff. A selection of issues are reproduced here with the kind permission of Hugh King and Paul Stranks at Thorn Lighting.

No.2 - 1969 Q2 No.3 - 1969 Q3 No.6 - 1971 Q1 No.8 - 1972 Q1 No.9 - 1972 Q3 No.10 - 1973 Q1
No.11 - 1973 Q3 No.14 - 1975 Q3 No.15 - 1976 Q1 No.16 - 1976 Q3 No.17 - 1977 Q1 No.18 - 1977 Q4
No.20 - 1979 Q1 No.21 - 1979 Q3 No.22 - 1980 Q1 No.25 - 1982 Q2 No.26 - 1983 Q4 No.28 - 1986 Q2
No.29 - 1988 Q2 No.32 - 1991 Q2 No.33 - 1992 Q1 No.34 - 1993 Q1
The Outshining Light, UK

Published by the British Thomson-Houston Company and later by its successor Associated Electrical Industries, "The Outshining Light" was an occasional journal covering new developments in Mazda lamps and lighting equipment and their applications.

Vol2 No1 - 1952 Vol2 No2 - 1953 Vol2 No4 - 1954 Vol3 No1 - 1955 Vol3 No4 - 1956 Vol4 No1 - 1957
Vol4 No2 - 1958
Mazda House News, UK

First published by the British Thomson-Houston Company in October 1913, "Mazda House News" was a short-lived magazine for the electrical trade whose lifespan was cut short by the outbreak of war less than a year after its launch. At that time, BTH was a wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric of America and the similarities in advertising material between the two companies are quite striking. The magazine is named after the company headquarters at Mazda House, 77 Upper Thames Street, London EC.

No.3 - 1913 Dec No.4 - 1914 Jan No.5 - 1914 Feb No.6 - 1914 Mar No.7 - 1914 May No.8 - 1914 Jul