Updated 21-II-2016

East Cleveland Lamp Plant

The East Cleveland Lamp Works was one of several production facilities within GE's NELA Park Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. It was located in Building 329, which was originally built in 1920 to house the Experimental Engineering Department. In 1933 the building was converted to office space, but in 1939 returned to a manufacturing function with the creation of the East Cleveland Lamp Works. Its primary products were special incandescent lamps for projection applications. In 1942 its horizons were broadened when it became home to GE's Electronics division. Lampmaking ended in 1961, when the photographic and projection lamps having ordinary incandescent-type bases were relocated to the company's Bellevue Lamp Plant, and the remainder having special and pin-type bases were moved to the Mattoon Lamp Plant. During the 1990s, Building 329 was occupied by the Information Systems & Mail Centre. A second construction, Building 329A is directly adjacent to Building 329 and today also accommodates the Information Systems department - it is not known whether or not this also formed part of the East Cleveland Lamp Works.

Address NELA Park, 1975 Noble Road, East Cleveland, Ohio 44112, U.S.A.
Location 41.5402°E, -81.5589°N.
Opened 1939.
Closed 1961.
Products Incandescent lamps for photographic and projection applications, possibly also halogen photo lamps and electronic components.

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