Updated 09-II-2016

East 152nd Street

The East 152nd Street Facility of General Electric was not a single factory, but a sprawling industrial estate made up of numerous individual and discrete factories. Their one common feature was that they were all involved in producing component parts and pre-materials for supply to other final assembly lamp plants. The main site was founded in 1913, and operations came to a close around 2010. General Electric's US Lamp Component manufacturing operations were hit hard following that company's 1990 takeover of the formerly state-run Tungsram company of Hungary, which had its own similar levels of vertical integration in lamp component manufacturing but with considerably lower costs than GE's American facilities could attain.

Entrance to the 1133 East 152nd Street Facility, 2015

Address 1133 East 152nd Street, Cleveland, Ohio, OH44110, U.S.A.
Location Centre of site approximately 41.5475°N, -81.5730°E
Opened 1913.
Closed Approx 2010.
Products Welded leadwire assemblies, formed metal parts, glass tubing & bulbs, bulb finishing, quartz products, Lucalox ceramics, lampmaking and glassmaking machinery.

The following factories made up the East 152nd Street Facility, and further details on their operations can be found at the links below:
Cleveland Bulb Works
Cleveland Weld Works
Cleveland Equipment Works
Euclid Glass Works
Pitney Glass Works
New Pitney Glass Works

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