Philips LED 60W 806lm Retrofit with Remote Phosphor

This is the first LED retrofit which claimed equivalency to a 60W high voltage incandescent lamp, as required in European Regulation 244/2009. That set a tough target of 806 lumens - basically 15% higher than the lighting design lumens of a 60W coiled-coil GLS lamp, to account for the expected 30% lumen depreciation of this LED during life.

Considering the fact that the efficacy of a typical high power LED retrofit lamp during 2010 was around 50lm/W, meeting the 806lm target by conventional means required a power consumption of about 16W. Such high wattage cannot be dissipated in the relatively small volume of the A60/A19 bulb envelope. A particularly elegant approach has been taken in this lamp to raise its operating efficacy such that it can meet the 806lm target for a consumption of only 12½W.

This is faciliated partly by under-driving a large quantity of LEDs so that they operate cooler and more efficiently, and by employing blue LEDs to pump a remote phosphor within the plastic housing of the bulb envelope. Keeping the phosphor cool plus under-running the LEDs achieves an efficacy boost of about 20% above conventional white LEDs.

The plastic appears yellow because of the presence of the phosphor powders, but lights up white when in operation thanks to a mixture of the phosphor radiation and some transmitted blue light from the LEDs. The novel design of the fluorescent bulb surface also results in a much greater proportion of light towards the lamp cap, to better mimic the omnidirectional light distribution of incandescent lamps. A high efficiency electronic driver is also employed, which has broad compatibility with many existing dimmer switches.
Manufacturer: Royal Philips Electronics
Lamp Power: 12½ Watts
Lamp Voltage: 220-240 Volts
Lamp Current: 70 mA
Power Factor: 0.70
Cap Type: B22d/25x26 Aluminium + vitrite
Bulb Type: K-58 K-19 in eighths/inch
Bulb Finish: Remote Phosphor Plastic
LED Type: Luxeon Rebel Royal Blue
LED Quantity: 18pcs 6pcs per shell
Luminous Flux: 806 lm
Luminous Efficacy: 64 lm/W
Colour Temperature & CRI: CCT: 2700K CRI: Ra82
Chromaticity Co-ordinates: CCx: 0.458 CCy: 0.405
Rated Lifetime: 25,000h 70% lumen maint.
Burning Position: Universal
Overall Length: 108 mm 4¼ inches
Light Centre Length: 85 mm 3.3 inches
Mass 182 grams
Factory: China
Date of Manufacture: October 2010 Date Code: K0
Original / Present Value: EUR €59.95 (2010) GB £50.95 (2010)
References: 1) Philips Online Lamp Catalogue 2010.