Philips Infrared Incubator Mother Lamp

Various kinds of infrared lamps have been developed for animal husbandry, on account of their convenient production of both heat to keep animals warm, and a small quantity of light to facilitate observation. This particular model was developed by Philips and is known as the Incubator lamp, or in Dutch as the 'Moederlamp' or 'Mother Lamp'. It is intended for the incubation of eggs at the correct temperature to replicate the warmth provided by the mother, and allow them to hatch in her absence.

The lamp construction is based on a standard rough service incandescent lamp, the filament being held in place by nine support wires in a wreath-vee configuration. This was necessary due to the shocks and vibrations sometimes experienced in the original application. The filament is operated at lower temperature, which causes its lifetime to be extended to approximately 5000 hours, and its spectral power distribution to be shifted away from the visible wavelengths towards longer wavelength infrared radiation.

The glass bulb is internally coloured with a red-orange dye which absorbs the majority of the visible radiation while allowing infrared rays to pass. It is believed to consist of either iron (III) oxide, or possibly a blend of red cadmium sulphoselenide and yellow cadmium sulphide as used on standard orange lamps. The coating is helpful not only in reducing the luminous flux to avoid glare, but the eyes of many animals have greatly reduced or even no sensitivity in the deep red wavelengths that are transmitted. This allows them to sleep during the night, while the lamp keeps them warm and provides a small amount of light that is visible to humans and permits observation.
Manufacturer: NV Philips Gloeilampenfabrieken
Lamp Power: 100 Watts
Lamp Voltage: 220-230 Volts
Lamp Current: 0.44 Amperes
Cap Type: E27/27 Brass & Vitrite
Bulb Type: PS-68 PS-21½ in eighths/inch
Bulb Finish: Internal Amber Soda-lime glass
Filament Type: C-9 Single Coil Wreath
Atmosphere: Vacuum Red P getter
Luminous Flux: 175 lumens
Luminous Efficacy: 1.75 lm/W
Colour Temperature & CRI: N/A N/A
Dominant Wavelength: 620 nm
Chromaticity Co-ordinates: CCx: 0.685 CCy: 0.315
Lifetime: 5000 hours
Burning Position: Universal
Overall Length: 125 mm 5 inches
Light Centre Length: 90 mm 31/2 inches
Factory: Weert The Netherlands
Date of Manufacture: September 1986
Original Value: Unknown
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2) Photoelectric measurement.